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First and most importantly, KMA Wealth Management, LLC was founded on the belief that the interests of the client must always come first. We are compensated primarily by fees paid by our clients thereby allowing us to work in our clients best interest and solely for them.  In other words, we act in a fiduciary capacity when advising our clients.  Many of our competitors receive the bulk, if not all, of their compensation (commissions) from the products they recommend and sell.  Many times there are hidden commissions and compensation, which are not transparent to the client.

We are objective - since we are not affiliated with any one company, we are free to advise you to obtain the best financial products available.

The second major way in which we differ from our competitors is that we work as a team for our clients, providing personal attention every step of the way.  We take over the time-consuming task of managing our clients affairs among multiple advisors both internal and external to KMA Wealth Management, LLC.  We are always eager to work with clients existing advisors to recommend strategies that address our clients unique needs.  Should a client need an advisor in a particular area that requires expertise that KMA Wealth Management, LLC does not provide, (for example a labor attorney, if we were counseling a business), we will recommend a prescreened professional who can assist in this area.

We further differ from our competitors in that we create customized solutions for our clients.  One simple example of this is, oftentimes, our clients come to us with investments, which have a low cost basis.  At KMA Wealth Management, LLC, a comprehensive analysis of all securities as well as their tax ramifications would first take place and then be discussed at length.  A strategy would then be developed and agreed upon by the client.  If a particular security no longer fits the portfolio, a plan of attack would be developed to liquidate it. Typically, securities with a low cost basis would be whittled down over time, utilizing losses from other securities.  Our recommendations would be coordinated with your tax professional.

Finally , we take ethics seriously.  Ethics are important to us.  We have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients and we are keenly aware of it at all times.  It permeates everything we do.