Integrated Planning

What does integrated planning mean to me?  If I'm a new client to wealth management, what should I expect?  If I have previous experience working with a financial advisor, what might I see as different?

Webster's dictionary defines "integrated" as, "unified control of all aspects of production from raw materials through distribution of finished products". 

While this definition speaks of industrial production, it is also appropriate for true wealth management.  Through extensive discovery and discussions, we begin to understand what "product" you are looking for.  In other words, what are your life and financial goals?  Why do you want to grow and protect your wealth?  What is your motivation?

Wealth Management approaches financial analysis and decision making by taking stock of your current financial picture.  We are taking "unified control" by bringing your entire financial position into consideration - this is your "raw materials" to begin building your product that we defined during the discovery iStock_000005614684Small_1.jpg process.  We then begin to develop the road map of how we are going to build your product, what materials will be required and over what time period.  Just as when manufacturing companies develop a product, various skill sets are required (ie. engineer to design the product, attorney to protect the product through patents, financial officer to ensure the product will make money, skilled labor to build the products etc.).  With so many people involved in the development process, one person needs to take on the project management role - who will be ultimately responsible for delivering the product on time, on budget and meeting quality standards?

This is your Wealth Manager.   He/she is the project manager of your life's goals and financial resources.  What resources are needed - attorney, accountant, insurance agent, broker?  When will they be needed and for what exactly?  How will all the expert advice be integrated into the most efficient use of your resources to design and deliver the most efficient plan for you?