Choosing An Advisor

At one time or another, most people have thought about whether they should work with a financial advisor or change their financial advisor.  Choosing an advisor can be difficult.  Especially, since there are so many different types of financial advisors - stock brokers, insurance agents/brokers, investment brokers, accountants etc. - all with various designations (the alphabet soup!!).  You probably receive numerous mailers, phone calls from prospective advisors, invitations to lunch or dinner seminars - all claiming they can help you with your financial decisions.

We feel that the best way for you to find a financial advisor is:

  • Get two or three referrals from people you trust - friends, family, co-workers.  Be sure to ask why specifically they are recommending their advisor - why do they like working with him or her?
  • Ask your attorney and CPA for referrals.
  • Set up interviews with a couple of the referred advisors.
  • Prepare a list of financial questions/decisions you are facing now or will be in the future.  Discuss the issues during the interview to assess whether you believe the advisor can help you with your most important questions.
  • What values, traits and characteristics do you value most?  Is important to you that your advisor shares those?
  • During the interview, do you feel comfortable talking with the person?  Do you feel like you can communicate well with each other?  Do you feel like he/she can address your concerns completely and adequately?


click on the link below for tips when working with a financial advisor.